Find here useful information if you plan to fish in the Pays d’Opale.

Terms and Conditions

WHEN? From January, 1st to December, 31st, half an hour before the sunrise until dusk, except for trouts.

WHO? For fishing card holders with all year valid cards / accès aux personnes à mobilité réduite au canal de Guînes

WHERE? Lac d’Ardres/Lake of Ardres or alongside the canal of Guïnes/canal de Guînes wich are zones framed by the Département du Pas-de-Calais

WHAT? You are automatically insured after you buy the fishing card

HOW? Fishing cards are buyable at:

  • Louguet Pêche Shop, 54 Boulevard Curie, Calais
  • Au Martin Pêcheur, 32 Place d’Armes, Calais
  • On the Internet

PRICE? A fishing card will cost you €8 for one day or between €15 and €95 for one year.

WHY? To avoid any verbalisation, be careful to carry your card, to keep private the results of your fishing session and to release fishes that are under the legal standards.