The Royal Bastion is a well preserved, preserved part of History of the Pays d’Opale.


At the Renaissance area, Ardres is the northernmost citadel of the kingdom of France. Further north, Calais is in the hands of the English, and to the south-west Saint-Omer belongs to the Spaniards. Rivalries between the different kingdoms quickly lead François the First to the necessity to strengthen the city.

Six bastions were built between 1535 and 1540 in order to consolidate the medieval fortifications including the Royal Bastion. Probably the first to be built, it is endowed with a very specific architecture, testimony of the advanced technology of the Renaissance era.

An exceptional site

The Royal Bastion is the only remain of the ramparts of the city. Miraculously preserved in the public garden near the town hall, it is a testimony of the technical progress made at the Renaissance era and of the importance of the city of Ardres facing the occupying forces.

This site benefits from a classification under the historical monuments and is thus protected.

It is one of the most amazing and interesting sites in the area, along with the underground wheat granaries.

To discover this site, several guided tours are organized during the year by the Cultural and Historical Association of Ardres (ACHA), especially during the summer and during the weekend of the Local Heritage Days.
For groups of more than 10 people, it is possible to formulate a specific request outside these dates by directly emailing the association.
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City map of Ardres

Jardin Public (behind the town hall)
Rue des Lombards
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