In 1520, from June, 7 to 24 took place the diplomatic meeting between the king of France François the First and the king of England Henry VIII.

Past history

In 1993, a handful of Guînes inhabitants created the Association du Camp du Drap d’Or in order to restore the real history of this memorable interview.

Important dates

1998: great success of “The Renaissance Feast of the Field of the cloth of gold”

2003: for the tenth anniversary of the festivities of the Field of the cloth of gold, more than 35,000 visitors gather in Guînes from June, 7 to 9 to attend various events

2010: festivities of the 490th anniversary of the interview between the two kings from June, 5 to 27

2015: Guînes celebrates the anniversary of the Field of the Cloth of Gold (1520 – 2015)

An association which exports its knowledge

The association exports its savoir faire around the world:

  • In France for the Parade of Giants in Lille or in Reims for the Johannic festivities;
  • In Belgium in Ghent for the 500th anniversary of the birth of Chares Quint;
  • In England, in Folkestone, for the celebrities in honor of Henry VIII.