In June, 1520, the king of France François the First and the king of England Henry VIII met at the Field of Cloth of Gold. An association recreate this historical moment each year.

A professional show

At the entrance of the room turned into the reception of the Palais de Crystal, guests are welcomed by the chamberlain and put on a tunic struck with lions of the British crown or lily flowers of the kingdom of France.
Once the light is subdued, the magic of the Ripailles will have an effect on the public who will be captivated by the rhythmic shows of dances and knightly fights while enjoying a meal faithful to the Renaissance era.

A meal from the Renaissance era

Like the guests of the Kings, you will have the pleasure to taste typical dishes of the time: mendiants to welcome you, then an aperitif made of hand-made pâté with farmhouse bread accompanied by the traditional glass of hippocras.
You will then warm up with the authentic pork stew from Licques followed by a plate of local delicate cheeses. You will finally eat the rustic pie to end this tasty moment in beauty!

A human adventure

Beyond the cultural event, shows of the Field of Cloth of Gold have become a real human adventure. The creation of the association goes back to 1993, when a handful of inhabitants of Guînes decided to recreate both the place and the history of this historic meeting. The association counts today around 100 volunteers, who commit themselves to respect ancient kbowledge : welding, sewing, dancing, inventing…

2018 programme

In October:

  • On Saturday, 6 and Saturday, 13 at 8pm ;
  • On Sunday, 7 and Sunday, 14 at 12.30pm.

New show: Les Chevaliers du Camp du Drap d’Or
At the heart of the interview between François the First and Henry VIII, will Guillaume and his friends Raphaël and Blanche defeat the awful Guy de Gisborne?

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Show and meal (drink included)
Adults: €35/person
Children (under 12): €25/person

Groups (at least 20 people)
Adults: €32/person
Children (under 12): €22/person