Pure air, exercice, breathtaking landscapes…

Le’ts Nordic walking!!!

Discover Nordic walking, a complete sport that mobilizes 90% of the muscles!

Equipped with walking poles and supervised by the organizers of the Pays d’Opale Tourist Office, you will discover the benefits of this sport that is practiced in the countryside. This is also an opportunity to rediscover the landscapes of our territory.

A complete sport with multiple benefits

Between hiking and cross-country skiing, this is a sport that will delight the most athletic and less active. No imposed rhythm: Nordic walking suits everyone! It strengthens the respiratory and cardiac functions, and allows to muscle yourself smoothly.

It is a sport of nature that allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Opal Coast with friends.

Complete sessions to get into Nordic walking

Discover this sport with high health benefits!

Bring your walking pole and take Nordic walking up with organizers from the Pays d’Opale Tourist Office! The animation starts on April, 9th and takes place every Monday mornings with a 2 hours full session, from warm-up to stretching. Start the week off on the right foot!

Enjoy a new route each week!

Twice a year, we also welcome expert hikers for the Nordic walking trail!

Click here to discover the complete Nordic walking programme or call  03 21 35 73 73

Practise Nordic walking in autonomy with marked tracks in the Forêt de Guînes

3 tracks are already certified for Nordic walking in the Forêt de Guînes!

With 3 different distances and levels of difficulty, everyone can practice at their own pace. A great opportunity to discover or rediscover the landscapes of our territory.

3 km route

5 km route

10 km route